pondělí 2. května 2016

Urge to commit

Apparently, I've been looking for something worth writing about for more than a year. Finally, got something that hit my mind last weekend and I can't stop thinking about that particular feeling.

The feeling I'm talking about is: URGE TO COMMIT

I don't even know why I'm writing this and it's probably just because I think I've found something new, at least within myself and within my mind. Something that's been hidden to me... until now.

What comes now is rather raw recording of my mind stream:

  • The whole thing I'm writing about is simply open source and open source contributions
  • In the past I didn't get and wasn't able to understand the motivation of people coding open source "just for fun", after work, in their free time
  • Now I know it's not "just for fun", at least not for me
  • But I wouldn't definitely do it if it's not fun :)
  • I want to stay educated, to stay with technology trends
  • Gain some plus points and kind of "GitHub fame" and reputation
  • I'm still so fascinated by this century, by computers, by the internet, by all technologies around
  • I'm familiar with only a ridiculously tiny fraction of IT knowledge (NoSQL stores, caching and related topics) so I want to do something with it and focus on it

  • Now, when I have my own project, I feel strong internal motivation 
    • to continue with anything that I've started 
    • to deliver something 
    • to contribute somehow to the whole world and make the world a bit better -- piece by piece, step by step, inch by inch 
    • to inspire others 
    • to give an opportunity also for someone else who is interested to contribute and to learn something new
    • simply put -- TO PAY BACK
      • There has been many people helping me with my studies, programming, bachelor/diploma thesis, pushing me further, etc.
      • I use open source every day and naturally, I want to create something that can be used by others
    • to CREATE and not only consume (PC games, movies,...), create something that will stay here even when I'm not here any more 
    • to help others (users, developers,...) with a tooling we are creating once it will be done and fully functional

  • Relax
    • I wouldn't do this if it's too demanding and not fun
    • 10 months ago (June 2015) I switched to managerial position at work but I have to admit I still love coding and it still fascinates me
    • I relax my mind because I don't need to do any context switching and I still love to be dived into one problem and solve it
    • I love how rewarding coding is -- code, run, fail, fix, run, see results! You can see results of your work immediately and it's such an awesome feeling! (Dopamine shots) 

There is nothing more to be added here. I will update those lines once I see more internal drivers or come up with more ideas for sharing. You will see more technical stuff about our project soon here at my blog but it wouldn't be here without all these feelings I've written above.

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