úterý 13. ledna 2015

Do I suffer or benefit from polyphasic experiments now?

Hi readers!

It's been a while I didn't write a word. Not because I don't like you... I simply like League of Legends a bit more than you :) Just kiddin'.

The topic for today is again: polyphasic sleep. I want to share my very recent day-to-day experience and try to think loudly whether this is a benefit or a serious drawback.

So what the hell is happening? Actually nothing except the fact that I am not able to sleep more than 4,5 hours in one solid block.

Yes, every single night I regularly wake up after 4,5 hours of a sleep. For example when I fall asleep around midnight today you can very probably see me playing LoL or writing posts like this around 4:40 AM tomorrow early morning.

I can't control it. I open my eyes around 4:30, look at my mobile phone, realize it's 4:30 AM for real, sit on the edge of my bed, slowly stand up and go to the bathroom to wash my face. Turn on my PC and quickly decide what I will be doing.

1) Programming -- I am able to be very productive for next 2,5 hours.

2) League of Legends -- I am able to succeed in more matches than usually because I stand against players who has been playing for the whole evening and night and they are tired. I am very precise during my game play, make less mistakes, decide faster -- win more games. That's something which ensures me that e-sport is a real thing.

Wasting of a time bro! You say? Uhm, not really. I relax the same way how you watch TV but this is much more active way of relaxation and gaming is improving cognitive brain functions. Good for me, not for you, passive TV watchers :)

Then I usually go back to bed and sleep another block. 1,5 - 3 hours. Then I wake up, do my morning routines and go to work.

I am not tired, I am fresh, full of energy, I have very good mood.

What is the drawback then? Why am I writing about this?

Later during the day this thing will catch you. Tiredness usually strikes hard around 2 PM (after lunch + circadian rhythm). That's the time you need to do your 20 minutes long power nap which is not always possible and you end up struggling with your own brain and body that desperately need their power nap.

Also, sometimes, I am tired after long day, after party, after whole day long volleyball tournament and I want to sleep at least 8 hours. But I can't. This is crazy and you feel a bit weird. You have to do something for that damn 1,5 hour and then fall asleep again. Or try to...

Taking caffeine in any form (even a green tea) after 6 PM is NO-GO for me. It totally destroys my rhythms and I am unusable next day.

I still don't know whether this is a problem, or not. Still investigating. Overall I feel that I have more free time. At least +2 hours approximately every day and I am still productive at work and at a time I need to.

Will see in the future, I will keep you in a loop.


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