neděle 26. ledna 2014

Happy blogging with do-it-now-and-don't-be-perfect method

Hi all! :)
You are reading this stuff probably because one of my posts was pointing right here. I promise I will keep an introduction of do-it-now-and-don't-be-perfect method very short.

    The method incorporates 2 approaches. Do it now -- when you have an idea just open a Blogger and jot it down very quickly, and immediately. Of course I wanted to do this every time. So why didn't I do it? Because I was striving for a perfection in my former blog posts.

    Perfect grammar (as I'm not a native English speaker), perfect citations, perfect ideas, perfect agenda of the post, perfect structure, perfect conclusion, perfect, perfect, perfect everything.

    My brain started to think about what else do I need to make a perfect post instead of writing it right now. What I need to add, do, solve? I need to re-read it 3-4 times once the post is written to be sure there are no unnecessary mistakes there. I need someone to read it before publishing to make sure there are no completely wrong ideas stated in the post... etc., etc.

    I wanted to have it PERFECT.

    And all those tasks take simply too much time and it's too much effort to deal with them. 

    It works literally like a KILLER of my fresh ideas, fresh experience, or fresh mind stream which MIGHT be worth to share. With a perfectionism I had even no chance to find out whether it was worth or not because I didn't publish almost anything. 

    Now I declare: "FU*K you PERFECTIONISM" -- you will no longer stop my willingness to share any of my ideas.  

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